Free-Form Personalized Prescription Glasses

When it comes to lenses, we only trust the best : Essilor, Zeiss, Nikon and Hoya to name a few - we never compromise on quality. Free-form lenses are recommended because of the better optics, less distortions and better comfort they provide. All our lenses are fitted in the spectacle frames with utmost care at our on-site lab, which consists of high precision instruments that are accurate to a 1/100th of a millimeter, enabling us to customize the lens shape/size as per patient's requirements to provide unmatched comfort to the wearer. We give 100% guarantee for authenticity of our products. Due to these reasons we have patients coming all the way from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta and Tsawwassen.

Lens Options

Progressive Lenses

high prescription
less distortion

We understand that stepping into presbyopia might be challenging for some patients. Don't worry! We're here to work with you to find the best possible lens options for you. We have numerous progressive lens options available from Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, Nikon and other lens manufacturers. See one of our opticians today to find the right lenses for you.

Single Vision Lenses


Special thin, light and customized lenses are available for patients with high prescriptions, which provide a clearer and wider field of vision and better cosmetic appearance. Just like an HD TV is better than a normal TV, these lenses are far superior to the regular lenses. 

Special Thin Lenses

hi index
high index
thin lenses
high prescription

We take precise measurements and then carefully decide the lens material according to the prescription and the shortlisted frames so that the final result is a beautiful pair of eyeglasses which is comfortable and aesthetically appealing. We always recommend our patients to go for Anti-Reflection Coatings for an even better vision and comfort. 

Premium Coatings

anti glare
reflection free
anti reflective
no glare

Spectacle Lenses can be made to perform better by treating / coating their surfaces. Anti-Reflection Coating (also known as Anti-Glare Coating) enhances the vision by virtually eliminating the distracting reflections off the lens surfaces. They not only improve the cosmetic appearance of your glasses but are also helpful for computer users and night driving. We provide the best Anti-Reflection Coated (ARC) Lenses which have upto 99% transparency. 

Eye-Protect Series

blue filter
anti blue
anti fatigue
glare free
no glare

Blue-Filter Lenses

Blue light or High-Energy Visible (HEV) light is everywhere around us - sunlight outside and artificial lighting and digital devices indoors. Studies have shown that HEV light not only causes eye fatigue but also disrupts the sleep cycle. Our Blue-Filter lenses help filter out around 20% of the Blue-Violet rays and give you a comfortable vision.

day night

Photochromic Lenses

In addition to filtering out the blue-violet light, photochromic lenses protect your eyes from the harmful Ultra Violet light. They go dark out in the sun giving you comfortable vision throughout the day.

polarized lenses
no glare
glare free

Polarized Lenses

Instead of regular dark lenses, we recommend polarized lenses for your prescription sunglasses which gives you glare protection in addition to giving you a comfortable vision out in the sun.

Brands that we Trust


zeiss lenses
zeiss individual 2

 "As the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics, we combine technical expertise and innovative ideas to create exceptional visual experiences. Get ready to be astounded by solutions that are much more than just lenses!" - Zeiss


nikon lenses
nikon eyeglasses

 "As a pioneer in lens technology, Nikon strives to design lenses that offer the best possible vision to every person." - Nikon


Essilor lenses


At Essilor, our lens technologies reveal a world more beautiful than you ever imagined, detail by detail." - Essilor



Japanese lens manufacturer making high precision lenses  with durable coatings since 1941.