Nikon Lenses

Nikon Lenses
Nikon Progressive Lenses


A number of different coatings are available with Nikon lenses. Our favorites being Nikon SeeCoat Plus UV, SeeCoat Blue Premium and SeeCoat Bright. All these coatings come standard with Anti-Reflection, Enhanced Scratch Resistance, Smudge Resistant, Water Repellent and ESPF-25 coatings.

The SeeCoat Blue Premium filters out the harmful High-Energy Visible (HEV) radiations (or blue-violet light) giving you a more comfortable vision throughout the day while protecting your eyes from these harmful radiations.

If you feel that the contrast has decreased over the years, you would probably love the SeeCoat Bright which enhances the colors you perceive, specially the reds.

After all, an amazing lens should always be paired with an equally amazing coating!

Nikon SeeMax Ultimate

Nikon takes on a technological shift regarding the conception mode of its progressive lenses: a truly revolutionary approach towards customization. As opposed to ordinary progressive lenses, the SeeMax Ultimate’s design is never predetermined; it is uniquely created by us and our patient. At last, there is a lens perfectly adapted to the patient - this leads to a bespoke lens that is easy to adapt to from Day 1.