Progressive Lenses

We understand that stepping into presbyopia might be challenging for some patients. Don't worry! We're here to work with you to find the best possible progressive lens options for you - digital and even personalized. We have numerous progressive lens options available from Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, Nikon and other lens manufacturers. See one of our opticians today to find the right lenses for you.

For your peace of mind we back it with Adaptation and Satisfaction Guarantee!!


Our Progressive Lenses give you:

  • Effortless and comfortable vision
  • Easy focusing from distance to near and back again
  • Crisp high-definition vision day and night
  • Enhanced contrasts and colors

Simulated view through Progressives

Simulated view through Progressives

Brands we Trust


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Troubles with progressives?
We can help

Q. I have tried progressive lenses before and have always had problems with it. What can I do?

There is more than one factor responsible for successful progressive eyeglasses. The problems that you're facing might be because of the incompatibility of the lenses and frames, a change in prescription or just ill-fitted frames. See our experts to get a free consultation on progressive lenses. They will go over your needs and find the right frame-lens combination for you.

Q. I'm scared to try progressives. What if I don't like them?

9 out of 10 of our patients love their progressive. Once properly fitted, they get the most comfortable vision they can possibly get from a pair of glasses. 

What's more? You get a 60-days adaptation guarantee and peace of mind!

Q. Can I get Progressive Sunglasses ?


Tinted Progressive Lenses or Polarized Progressive Lenses are available for Prescription Sunglasses with multiple color options to choose from.

Q. What is a digital progressive? How is it better?

Digital Progressives are surfaced digitally - which means instead of surfacing the whole surface at once, the progressive is surfaced zone by zone which pushes the annoying distortions out to give you a better field of vision.