Sight Testing

When it comes to Sight Testing, we take utmost care to find the exact correction your eye needs.  A multi-step sight testing by highly qualified, experienced and licensed refracting optician in a state-of-the-art clinic using the latest equipment in the optical field ensures a zero error eye test giving you the clear vision you deserve. 

Do you have a headache ?

Headaches are often associated with eyesight. Uncorrected vision might lead to headaches and eye-strain. Get your eye sight tested by our Refracting Optician.

If you have headaches with current glasses, come in and see one of our opticians, they will troubleshoot your glasses and let you know the resolution.

Our Refracting Optician

Our Refracting Optician and Contact Lens fitter, Paul is highly qualified and experienced. He comes from a family of Opticians and Optometrists (him being the 4th generation). He has worked for chain stores in addition to working with independent optometrists in the Lower Mainland. As a result of his contribution and achievements in the eye care, he has received many prestigious awards.